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Theft of Nizam’s Gold by Naser Banaqeeb (debut novel)

Name of the Novel: Theft of Nizam’s Gold
Name of the Author: Naser Banaqeeb
Paperback: 160 pages
Price: 295/-
Publisher: Authorspress (First Published, 10th May 2018)
ISBN-10: 9387651827
ISBN-13: 978-9387651821

Theft of Nizam’s Gold is an intriguing story of the bygone era of Nizam-ul-Mulk, Nizam VII and how the narrator’s life gets embroiled into mystery of gold – gold which was stolen and which the history doesn’t have any record of.

The novel begins in 1887. In its prologue, the writer describes a small incident that took place at the Chowmahalla Palace during the reign of Nizam VI, Mir Mahboob Ali Khan. The theft of something valuable was shocking for the Nizam VI. He was in grief. But loss of something in gold, pearls or diamond was not the real cause of this grief. There is vivid description of some famous historical characters like Alexander Malcolm Jacob; the great diamond seller, Kamal Khan; described as man of noble origin but with debts on his shoulders and Alfred Abid; Nizam’s most favorite man, like King’s own shadow.

The writer then unfold his intentions, reasons, why he is writing the novel and why he feels it is important to convey the message to the general public. He talks about his birth, describes himself as a special child because he was born on the day when Hyderabad state was annexed into the Indian Union (17 September, 1948), talks of some childhood memories, stories he had heard of Nizam Sarkar from his grandfather and father.

The novel perfectly depicts the life before or after annexation of Hyderabad State into a nutshell. There is more about how the tension prevailed among Hindus and Muslims right after India got its independence from Britishers and how Nizam’s loyal men, branded as Razakars, got themselves enmeshed into the tangle of bad reputation and into a civil war against the Indian union (just in order to preserve the independence of the Hyderabad State - described as an impossible task in the novel).

The story takes new routes when Narrator meets Clara in England who introduces him to the princess, named Affet. The narrator is more drawn to Affet. Affet too feels the same but doesn’t convey her feelings.

It also entails a series of events which reflect how the people turned against the royal blood and how this led to beginning of new era - an era with no Nizam, no one to take his name, no one to respect him or no one to care about what all that he had done in his lifetime in relation to welfare of his people and his state.

He also realized at the end that even Affet was, to a certain extent, connected to the gold that was stolen. He even realized that Affet was not what she posed herself to be.

The novel ends with this mystery…..

About Author
Naser Banaqeeb is from the city Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He holds Master’s Degree in Arts (English Literature) from Osmania University. He makes considerably a good living in corporate training, growth hacking for enterprises. He is a digital marketing cum soft skills trainer, works as a business growth specialist for various IT firms.

Theft of Nizam’s Gold is his first novel. And with it, he sets out to pursue his dream career in literary field.

He can be contacted at

His personal website:

theft of nizams gold is an fine piece of sheer art, excellent work done by author, i have never ever come across such amazing novel so far, im pretty much sure every indian will relate to this novel, specially the  people who dwell in the dynasty of nizam's deccan, the stories which we were use to heard from our ancesters about the wealth of nizam the aurhor give the medas touch to such golded era of nizam dynasty, needless to say that nizams was donated 5k tons of gold to the defence of indian army during indo china war, not only me but i feel every indian will connect to this masterpiece  work done by a amazing author naser banaqeeb. 
Mohd zubair, Riyadh ksa , Jun 25, 2018
Heartiest congratulations, Naser, on publication of your debut novel. You would have finely woven historical beliefs (even if not truths) with your imagination to produce this interesting tale. I look forward to reading it. Wishing the book a big success.
GSP Rao, Hyderabad, Jun 26, 2018

Editorial Team, Your Space
Jun 25, 2018

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