Kurt F Svatek

Kurt F. Svatek, born in 1949 in Vienna, lived and worked for nearly four decades in southern Lower Austria, and then he returned with his family to his native town. He has published 50 books (poetry, limericks, aphorisms, essays, short stories, haikus and a novel), several papers on aspects of philology and one schoolbook. His texts were featured in numerous magazines and anthologies and translated into all important languages. He has been awarded honors, prizes and distinctions (a total of 149) by 16 states, has been repeatedly proposed for the Nobel Prize in Literature and Peace by proponents from India and China and voted the best international poet of the year (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) by several literary periodicals. He is honorary professor, honorary doctor of literature, member or corresponding member of numerous academies (Italy, U.S., India, Greece, United Kingdom, Korea, Brazil) as well as member of a wide variety of Austrian and foreign literary associations (Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, India, Israel, China, Korea, Albania, and USA), e.g. International PEN.
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