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Jeyakirthana - Poems

South Indian dishes Adai and Avial. Image credit -


twirl d darkness,
spoon it wid sugar
sip it, savour it
b4 it ices cold

it’s ironic,
d darkness-once inside, 
turns u lite n
u sit under artificial lites
airing views
on tissue
so white.


I went out today
lookin 4 Intimacy
n found Charming instead :
two bottles of it.

I take it n e way
settle 4 second best,
compromise, accept.
I wud’n do it, I said
n did it n e way

(Profundity from a
bottle of cheap deo)

I do it all d time;
I’v settled 4 d
comfort of ez poetry
instead of d necessary
xplicitness of prose

d spaces blanket
contours of truth
n wat I do, say, live,
give, is only half concealed
lumps of life half lived—

like d figure in bed:
I make u belive in poetic
lines it’s only pillows:
u pretend belief,
accept wid naivety,

my half baked truth
of random instances…
I add too much chilly
U add too much salt,
both pretendin wisdom

wen neither’s old enuf
for dat perfect blend
of patience
from age unlived .

… Sweet Home

Life is good,
funny n weird too.
The ferry wheel, 
the cane juice,
fried food and 
car rides in the dark
to dim hotel rooms.

We wait for cold rice 
and noodles.

Back home: lights out.
Three people go to bed
at different times, wrapped 
in private thoughts.
    They shared (only)
the food, the car ride ,
    the hotel room, and 

    the silence 
    between them— and a bit of love;
a lot of it 
‘actually ’
besides the weirdness.

No less than
a conspiracy
under a roof over
    an over-crowded 
    world of three.


Figure words 
in icy love…it too
melts, rides 
on its own melting. 
A Frosty figure. 

The ice: watery 
illusion, tho necessary 
flows away… while 
lingering vapour, Memory
decides to stay.

These palpable n 
ethereal realms 
of poems ( n love)…
give you the illusion of 
havin’ given so much…

you melt in the substance,
flow with it…
n realize: what was given,
said n understood, has 
transcended you…

you go back to the 
start, cover the distance
to an august morn
after a rainy night 
outside the window pane:

only to find the poem 
is done with the ride;
no preplanned end. Its
start foretold omega.
There’s ur epiphany.


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