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Riffat Abbas

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Riffat Abbas: Kafis

Monument in Uch Sharif. Photo credit - Gordon Brent Ingram

Translated by Nukhbah T Langah


Someone is coming

from a distance any news can arrive
the boat can reach its destination any time
a river of thoughts is flowing

some form is emerging
something is happening
someone is silently smiling

it can be a fresh fragrance
or a reeking smell
a group is disembarking.

In which juncture do we stand?
So many eyes are watching

.my eyes and forehead
The entire face is drained out
The rain drops are watching us

We sat to eat
Or to converse
We are being watched closely

How long will we stay together?
Will we always be running or sit?
The geese are persistently watching us.

Convoys of sunshine have arrived
In the bazaar of our city

Some grape juices are moving
Some scents are emerging
Some fragrances in rows

Look at the eatables
Look at the drinks
The weather itself is intoxicated

People are coming to watch
Western winds are blowing
Watch them.

The voices are rising
In our silent city

Some sounds of spring
Some jingling voices of monsoon
A fair of delight

Some call for dialogue
Arrival of a convoy of love
A moment of sharing secrets

Old voices
Old sayings
Secrets revealed through open doors

You are love
I am love

Love is in ancient villages
Love is in new people
Love is everywhere

Love does not fear any one
Love passes through every where
From home to streets

Love is woven
Love flows
Like water.


We thank the Poetry Translation Centre for permission to reprint the above translation by Nukbah Taj Langah
Kafi by Riffat Abbas -


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