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Ahmed A H S

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Ahmed A H S : Birthday and other poems

Vase. Image courtesy - NGMA, New Delhi

(Original poems in Bengali by Tagore. Translated by A H S Ahmed)


You, Fount of All-Beginning,
Please re-create the first moment of my being.
Please let yourself re-appear through the
mists of Time
Like primal sunshine.

Let yourself transcend my total entity.
Let your victory again be proclaimed
And be framed
Within me
The eternal wonder of Infinity.

Let your clarion
Sound and sound
Again with the coming dawn,
And let within my heart
The ever-young rebound
To Hark,
The twenty fifth of Baishakh.

(*This was the last song written by Tagore and sung
at his 80th birthday, 8 May/ 25 Baishakh.)


Who did I give away my songs to?
Which songs? When? Such questions are undue!
My songs are scattered
Like the road-side dust
Except for them who can grasp its value!

If you have heard my words
And, have clutched them to your heart
Then, although I do not know
Your name, on you I bestow
My riches, for which I have toiled so hard.

(* This poem of Tagore cannot be found in his collected works.
It is a dedicatory poem introducing his book of love poems
Mahuya, published in Calcutta in 1929.)

Spring Breeze

O Spring, your restless winds ruffle my mind
And carry away my musings as gifts
Wrenching my heart, evoking my spirits.
The abundance of your Ashok* and Kingshuk*
Colours me instantly in an euphoric mood;
And the murmur of your forest pines
Mingles with my long-forgotten grief.

In moonlight yonder, blooms Rajanigandha*;
My mind expands to absorb this wonder.
On the spread-out wings of your colourful moth
I see sparkles of a sublime chaos.
In this blissful tide of your moonlight
I cast all my joys and sorrows adrift.

* Ashok is a plant of red flowers.
*Kingshuk is a deep red flower.
*Rajanigandha: serried buds of white flowers on stalks. which only
blooms in the night and is marked by an intense fragrance; 
sometimes translated as 'tuberose'.


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