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Amarendra Khatua : Tr. by the Poet

Painting on silk (Patachitra). Courtesy -

From Exile

the misguided stars never twinkle
and block the milkway of
the return of few memories
and a full moon of failure.

it is certainly our doing,
that we draw maps in red blood,
roads in powdered bones
and point out all the directional
arrows towards our absences,
sometimes towards our scarecrow
bodybags, of uncertain falls.

we never stood in attention
when our love captured a country
in our honest search for our
own identities. yet now that we are
to lose our capacity to sing for
happiness, we reward ourselves with
a sepia colored flag, tear stained

Tr. Amarendra khatua

I am on the edge
now a days
sharpnels of dark
stay embedded
inside restless
days and nightfalls
of endless waiting,

Flesh knows
the seasonal colour
of hunger and how
to kill the body
in carnal truce.
I am aware
this name has a nameplate
now of something ness
this existence has
defined meanings of
possession, love being there
and having a woman,
a home, a child and
yet to be on the edge
now a days.

Will it mean
I am going to shed
my reptilean blues
and start anew
with something
as if i am the only one
selected to be doomed
in looking for personal space
of such a vast scale
here now.

No one can help me
my days are marooned
amid strange
symphonies now a days
and as soon as
the darkness touches my
doorless windowless
four wall-filled existence,
I devour dreams, give
rebirth to memory, touch
unseen wounds and
douse myself with sleeplessness
and a strange hunger
filled with deep absence
and no meaning.

I am on the edge
I have not seen the chasm,
the crevice, the aerobics
of the sudden fall
nor have i sensed
myself losing my mask
of certain aptitude and
uncertain mystery.
My waiting begins, my nostradamus

Tr. Amarendra Khatua


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