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Haiku and Senryu

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press ups
smelling the coffee
on my moustache

a cold wind tears through c h    e r  r   y      b  l os  s   o    m      s

André Surridge – New Zealand

in a rock pool
an ocean wave

crumpled spider
a tall thin gentleman
folds into his car

dappled light
dances down the street

a pause
in the cicada's thrum
pressure of silence

Dawn Bruce – Australia

morning thaw
the snowman disappears
into the puddle

winter flurries
a street load of children
on toboggans

every snowflake
the warmth of sun

Don Baird – USA

first spring day —
snowman losing weight
drip by drip

Vishnu P Kapoor – India

a rumble of thunder
the TINK of a raindrop
up on the roof

winter evening
the holes in the clouds
fill with stars

an ant fights
through the hair on my arm
another blind mission

the wet dog
thinks he smells better
than he does

William Hart – USA

a seagull screams
—ripping the sky
into blue pieces

Ljubomir Radovancevic – Croatia

summer rains...
pulling off one fat leech
after another

acid waters
a shoal of blue fish
on their backs

homeward bound...
breadcrumbs move across
the kitchen table

Barbara A Taylor – Australia

Chinese New Year
eating a Happy Meal
at McDonald's

harvest moon
an eviction notice
on the doorstep

Chen–ou Liu – Canada

Nag Panchmi
the snake charmer sways
to his own music

hot day
the dancing monkeys
and a bowl of coins

autumn dusk
my childhood mango tree
now a stump

lane cricket
he leaps up in the air
crying, howzat!

Gautam Nadkarni – India

slow day . . .
the puppy plays tag
with his shadow

clumps of grass
push through the concrete —
paved hill roads

on wet earth
a snail draws a fine line
— a travelogue

Shernaz Wadia – India

the lemon shivers
over my stretched hand
. . . spoon race

Ramesh Anand – Malaysia

all that's possible —
behind the mountains
mountains of clouds

car park —
a flock of starlings
makes a u–turn

nothing but blue —
and then the sunlight
on a gull's belly

Catherine J.S. Lee – USA

plastic frog
I think of Basho
as my son plays

watching the koi
in this garden pond . . .
watching myself

heat wave
the curry house waiter
shakes his head

John McManus – England

mountain drive—
a monastery floating
in the fog

mountain top —
through the thicket
the river down below

GSP Rao – India

beyond the fence
over the edge of the gorge —
wild violets

Sanjuktaa – India

the fragrance
from a petromax lantern —
an old hut in winter

third day of December
the same black crow
on my garden wall

Priyanka Bhowmick – India

blinding light
behind closed eyes—
Leh royal palace

out of the temple
two monks are
what they are

Andrea Cecon – Italy

snow day—
I cradle a bowl
of steamed rice

summer rain
the hum of an
old singing bowl

Aubrie Cox – USA

a butterfly fluttering
against the glass window
opaque dreams

Minal Sarosh – India

First rain...
children drag their toes
to make channels

labour day...
kids are hired to rally
against child labour

Kumarendra Mallick – India

belated snow
whitening the whole
flowering garden

rusting rails
the trains ride no more
over the old bridge

Duško Matas – Croatia

autumn mist —
in the deserted vineyards
a family of foxes

Costea C Cornel – Romania

thinking about
what we don't notice
fallen flowers

somewhere under
the pile of dry leaves
a kitten

Rohini Gupta – India

full moon

tube strike
in bloom

garden party
—who invited
the wildlife?

nectar drunk...
a bumblebee blunders
into the parasol

Helen Buckingham – UK

rice & lentils
the neighbor's get–well gift
our favourite

worried listening
to his faint heart
then it rains

after the movies
all that magic still
in our eyes

Jane Reichhold – USA

trawler's return –
the welcome committee
of pelicans

taking refuge
far from the noisy city
. . . noisy crickets

moonlight sonata –
one cat then another
across the skylight

stripped willows
the street woman clings
to her plastic bags

Lorin Ford – Australia

an unswept curl
on the silversmith's floor
new moon

a crow
lamp post to lamp post
winter twilight 

a cloth of moss
on the altar stone...

Claire Everett - England


Focus – 'Mango Moons' – Contemporary World Haiku

Kala Ramesh – Editorial Comment

Featured Poet - Anita Virgil

Haiku and Senryu
   André Surridge - New Zealand
   Andrea Cecon - Italy
   Aubrie Cox - USA
   Barbara A Taylor - Australia
   Catherine J.S. Lee - USA
   Chen-ou Liu - Canada
   Claire Everett - England
   Costea C Cornel - Romania
   Dawn Bruce - Australia
   Don Baird - USA
   Duško Matas - Croatia
   Gautam Nadkarni - India
   GSP Rao - India
   Helen Buckingham - UK
   Jane Reichhold - USA
   John McManus - England
   Kumarendra Mallick - India
   Ljubomir Radovancevic - Croatia
   Lorin Ford - Australia
   Minal Sarosh - India
   Priyanka Bhowmick - India
   Ramesh Anand - Malaysia
   Rohini Gupta - India
   Sanjuktaa - India
   Shernaz Wadia - India
   Vishnu P Kapoor - India
   William Hart - USA

   Chen-ou Liu - Canada
   Claire Everett - England
   Colin Stewart Jones - Scotland
   Dawn Bruce - Australia
   Guy Simser - Canada
   Margaret Dornaus - USA
   Shernaz Wadia - India

   Barbara A Taylor - Australia
   Charles Tarlton - U.S.A.
   Colin Stewart Jones - Scotland
   David Cobb - UK
   Gary LeBel- USA
   Guy Simser - Canada

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