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G J V Prasad: Editorial

Black-lored Tit, Jilling Estate. Photo by Nitoo Das

Editorial Note

Why poetry, why only poetry?


Because in Indian English we have such a great variety of poetry, such talented poets, so many established poets, and yet it is the era of prose - both fiction and non-fiction. Graphic fiction has growing allure even if not too many practitioners. We don't have the same variety in drama but this is a growing body of interesting work, something that will bear greater scrutiny. What I hope to put together next time is extracts from all possible genres, something I have tried earlier with limited success.

But poetry is my first love and it shows. Poetry is alive and kicking and every now and then, more now and then, I hear a new voice, an exciting voice. Over the years with this wonderful journal I have tried to encourage new poets by including them with some of the established poets, some have gone on to make a name for themselves, some haven't, not yet.

While all the poets included here, all the poems, are those I like, I haven't succeeded, as I never do, in including all the poets I want to. However, if I ever put together an anthology, I will find most of the poets and poems in the issues of Muse India that I have put together. I like to think that Muse India has helped me in creating a great resource for lovers of Indian English poetry. I have used articles on literature only rarely and, in another exception, I have used one on Indian English poetry in this issue, one that will forces readers to think of how to read poetry with greater attention.

Muse India has played its role brilliantly for a decade now - as a muse inspiring writers, as a space for displaying one's talent, and as a rich lode for readers hoping to mine the best in literature.

It is a privilege to put together a focus issue on Indian English literature every year, and to wish all Muse India readers great reading and a great year.


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