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Jaydeep Sarangi

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Jaydeep Sarangi

Golden-fronted Leafbird Male, Kaziranga. Photo by Nitoo Das


How can I write to others without a postman
Serving for seasons
Carrying my smiles and sorrows
In both hands.
I smell your garden in spring
When you cannot visit me.
I taste your cooked food
And swallow thoughts
As desert
Sweet as Rasogolla
Sweet curd of Kolkata
My taste buds leak.
I write more,
Add more to my wordy self.

The postman goes with a bang
A character,
An unsung hero
A link between the continents of the mind;
For me.


My thoughts are now
Waiting. Small things are
Recalled, and stored
In raindrops and wind blowing.
My vegetable dreams
Usher a monsoon of hope
When one comes to the end of things.

I sat with my daughter who kept talking
about magic of the land
I wait
Till the door is opened
I'm a visitor here
I've come to wait
For life divine.

Now I don't look for a by-pass everywhere.
It's straight from my heart.
I just wait to take the path, at times I ride on time.

I wait as I don't find the way to return.
Will someone supply me the key?
Who can unlock the past?
Who is not haunted by rain?
Who will wait
To plant saplings of my choice
And wait for fruits-
Red and juicy?

We wait for the rain to be over.
When windows are wide open
Fresh thoughts for the flood.
Old castles live with memories
Of ancient ghosts chanting.
Finally, we leave the station.


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