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Uddipana Goswami

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Uddipana Goswami

Spangled Drongo, Kaziranga. Photo by Nitoo Das


Wallflower I am not.

I am the one flower
In an open field
Born to resist
The wind.


I will not walk out of here naked
You may tear away my skin
You may rip apart my soul
You may expose the very heart
Of my heart's darkest needs
Reveal every inch of flesh
That passion's ever known
Yes, you may strip me
Of my last strand
But know this:
I shall not walk out of here naked.


Give me a colour
That will not speak to me
Of distant dreams, slithering
Up my spine, catching falling stars
That sear the very soul.

Give me a colour
That will not drench
Me in liquid love, cooing in my ears
Words of passion to poison
The heart, flesh and skin.

Give me a colour
Not red, that will drizzle
Down on me, lull me, kill me
Choke the very breath of me
Let me die, into a new life.


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