FOCUS – Derek Walcott (1930-2017), Nobel Laureate (Literature)

Guest Editor Jaydeep Sarangi presents a Focus on Derek Walcott with articles and poems by 13 eminent scholars (including from Italy, UK, S. Africa and Canada) – shedding light on the Nobel laureate’s varied life & work, on his thoughts of freedom, identity-quest and spiritualism. >>>

FEATURE - Sufism & Sufi Literature

For “moments of solace and peace to your soul” and “for love to prevail over everything else,” Dr Mohsin Bin Mushtaq Shah, the Guest Editor brings out a memorable Feature on Sufism & Sufi Literature, with 10 articles, 14 poems, one interview, one book-review – with contributors from India, Pakistan, UK and USA. The twin-article by Dr SL Peeran, an authority on the subject covers Sufism comprehensively enough. >>>


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“The articles [and conversations] in this issue [by 12 litterateurs] span a long geographical and cultural belt across the globe!” sums up Editor Charanjeet Kaur. You have ‘Chicana’ poetry flowing out of Lucha Corpi (L in pic), in conversation with Ketaki Datta (R in pic), and the work of Gulzar, Anita Desai, Mamang Dai, et al to savour, in full measure. >>>

Editor Atreya Sarma presents reviews of 8 interesting books across three genres. Nirojita Guha reviews Sanjeev Sanyal’s The Ocean of Churn which tells us how the Indian Ocean has shaped the human history. Rittvika Singh (in pic) reviews Anuja Chauhan’s Baaz, a patriotic romantic comedy set in the foreground of the 1971 Indo-Pak war. No less stimulating are the other reviews. >>>

You have 8 short stories of a kaleidoscopic variety by veterans, young, and new – including one by Shweta Tiwari (in pic) on a romantic pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal by a couple with a peculiar equation. Equally engaging and purposive are the other stories, presented by Smitha Sehgal, the new Editor. >>>

“There is rejoice, rejuvenation, emancipation, condemnation,” observes Editor Ambika Ananth, in the 34 poems by 9 sensitive poets she presents in this issue, including four by Sunil Sharma (in pic). >>>

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12 Jun 2017: Jnan Pith laureate Dr C Narayana Reddy no more

11 Jun 2017: Adyo Shesh Rajani: A Tale of Despair? Or a Transition of Bengali Theatre?

29 May 2017: “My Friendship with Yoga” is globe-trotting…

08 May 2017: Poems invited: Anthology on Universal Oneness

05 May 2017: Ashwani Kumar’s “Banaras and the Other” released

03 May 2017: Announcement: Haiku Workshop by Kala Ramesh in Delhi

27 Apr 2017: ‘Sopanatatvam’ - A unique book on the temple music of Kerala

21 Apr 2017 - 7th Premchand Memorial Lecture at Jamia Millia Islamia on Apr 18, 2017

15 Apr 2017 - International foray of “My Friendship with Yoga” by Revathi Raj Iyer

13 Apr 2017: Prof SK Palhan’s “Self-Effectiveness: The Power of Meditation” launched


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