FOCUS - Partition in Literature and Cinema

Sixty-eight years after Independence and the Partition of the Indian nation, talk of our vibrant democracy is often punctuated by painful memories of divisive events and ideologies that continue to pose a major challenge to our national pride. Pratibha Umashankar, the Guest Editor, points out, “Partition scholarship … has added new insights to the Partition discourse. These are signposts that alert us to the fact that Partition debates have gained immediacy and urgency.” Paromita Vohra, Moti Prakash, Amandeep Sandhu and a host of academics explore various representations of the trauma ….. >>>

FEATURE - Diaspora Writing (Prose)

Following the eclectic Diaspora Focus on Ekphrasis and diasporic poetry in our previous issue, Charanjeet Kaur presents another exploration of diaspora writers in creative fiction and in critical evaluations of the work of novelists who have engaged with questions of nostalgia, homelessness, relocation and acculturation. The short stories presented, like Murli Melwani’s, reveal a need to connect with the home country. The critical articles by scholars in India indicate an acceptance of this writing and a close connect with it – whether it is Shanta Acharya’s debut novel, Jhumpa Lahiri’s fiction, or the poetry of Sudeep Sen…. >>>


This issue of Muse India is sponsored by our senior member and poet Satish Verma of Ajmer.


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Charanjeet Kaur presents new writings from Mamta Mantri’s insights into Aashad Ka Ek Din to Chetan Saini’s analysis of Serious Men to Somrita Ganguly’s study of two significant translations of Kabir. Darius Cooper (pic), in his interaction in our Conversation Section, opens up about the creative process in his poetry and fiction…. >>>

U Atreya Sarma brings together reviews of novellas, poetry and theoretical work. His own take is on Vandana Kumari’s The Incubation Chamber. Rob Harle delves into the work of Sunil Sharma, while Tejwant Singh Gill (pic), with his abiding interest in the writing of Rabindranath Tagore, evaluates the scholarly Malashri Lal’s Tagore and the Feminine…. >>>

U Atreya Sarma painstakingly selects 7 short stories. Quoting William H Gass, For me, the short story … is a poem grafted onto sturdier stock,” he frames the stories of Eva Bell (pic) (“Her Capricious Heart”), Subhash Chandra, Ashritha N, Natasha Gayari, Revathi Raj Iyer, Suyash Sahu and Vandana Kumari Jena, in love, and the trials and tribulations of life… >>>

Ambika Ananth says, “Poetry can talk about simple experiences – painful, strange, ugly, poignant – saying most in fewest words. It ‘grows frequently incandescent – giving off both light and heat’.” The Editors’ Pick from “Your Space” are featured along with the sensitive work of Ghulam Rasool Malik (pic), Dilip Mohapatra, Rajandeep Garg, among others…. >>>

Young Writer Award 2015

Last date for submissions
Sep 30, 2015

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Aug 21, 2015: Savants Arisetti Sai Prasad, Dr PSG Kumar receive awards

Aug 11, 2015: MATWAALA: South Asian Diaspora Poets (North America) Fest

Aug 6 - Prof Sachidananda Mohanty appointed Vice Chancellor of CUO

Aug 04 - Eminent Sindhi writer Moti Prakash no more

Jul 25 - 'Rhapsodies and Musings' launched

Jul 8 - Routledge's book on Tagore's dramatic literature

Jun 25 - Literary colossus Pullela Sri Rama Chandrudu no more

Jun 5 - South Asian Diaspora Poets Festival at Austin USA in Aug 2015

Apr 21 - Dr Velchala Kondal Rao feted with Lifetime Achievement Award

Apr 13 - Sonnet Mondal @ Uskudar International Poetry Festival, Istanbul


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