16 Aug 2017: Singhasaner Kshayrog: A daring production of a play, relevant at all times

12 Aug 2017: “Block Printed Textiles of India: Imprints of Culture” (Niyogi Books) wins RL Shep Award, 2016

11 Aug 2017: BILAY by Lokkrishti: A presentation of Swami Vivekananda on Stage

02 Aug 2017: Rati Agnihotri’s “The Sunset Sonata” – Book Reading & Performance

02 Aug 2017: Reba Som’s “Margot: Sister Nivedita of Vivekananda” launched

30 Jul 2017: Volga’s “The Liberation of Sita” bags the First South Asia Laadli Media Award

12 Jun 2017: Jnan Pith laureate Dr C Narayana Reddy no more

11 Jun 2017: Adyo Shesh Rajani: A Tale of Despair? Or a Transition of Bengali Theatre?

29 May 2017: “My Friendship with Yoga” is globe-trotting…

08 May 2017: Poems invited: Anthology on Universal Oneness

05 May 2017: Ashwani Kumar’s “Banaras and the Other” released

03 May 2017: Announcement: Haiku Workshop by Kala Ramesh in Delhi

27 Apr 2017: ‘Sopanatatvam’ - A unique book on the temple music of Kerala

21 Apr 2017 - 7th Premchand Memorial Lecture at Jamia Millia Islamia on Apr 18, 2017

15 Apr 2017 - International foray of “My Friendship with Yoga” by Revathi Raj Iyer

13 Apr 2017: Prof SK Palhan’s “Self-Effectiveness: The Power of Meditation” launched

13 Apr 2017: Matwaala 2017 (South Asian Diaspora Poetry Festival), Apr 26–28 in NY

07 Apr 2017: National Seminar on ‘Transplanting the Classics for a New Audience…’

01 Apr 2017: Book Launch – “The Eternal Elixir“

27 Mar 2017: National Seminar on “Migration and Diaspora: Theory, Cultures and Literatures”

02 Mar 2017: Prof Shiv K Kumar no more

20 Feb 2017: New and Vintage Stories by Keki N Daruwalla released

09 Feb 2017: “Raatmohona” – An adaptation of Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” in Bengali

07 Feb 2017: ‘Mumuksha’ a work in Sanskrit by Kaushik Acharya launched

05 Feb 2017: Dr Asavadi Prakasa Rao feted by an ensemble of disciples

04 Feb 2017: Delhi-based Art & Poetry Fusion Experts @ Kolkata Book Fair, 2017

02 Feb 2017: “My Friendship with Yoga” by Revathi Raj Iyer launched

02 Feb 2017: ‘Ajmer Sharif: Awakening of Sufism in South Asia’ by Reema Abbasi

30 Jan 2017: Goirick and Radhika receive Muse Awards at HLF

30 Jan 2017: Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize given at HLF-2017

17 Jan 2017: Bidehi or Ghosts on Bengali stage

12 Jan 2017: ‘Panchajanya’ – A Bold Interpretation of Lord Krishna’s Feats on Stage

12 Jan 2017: British Bye’s buying gestures via “The Price of Everything”

08 Jan 2017: Sanchit Gupta’s novel “The Tree with a Thousand Apples”

07 Jan 2017: Winners of ‘Muse India-Satish Verma Young Writer Award 2016’ declared

06 Jan 2017: Best Book Awards-2015 by J&K Academy of Art Culture & Languages

05 Jan 2017: Dr Kothapalli Ghana Syamala no more

30 Dec 2016: ‘Sunny Rain-n-Snow’ by U Atreya Sarma released

22 Dec 2016: Panchanan Dalai’s book “The Case of Manoj Das” is out

05 Dec 2016: Indian Evening at Ars Poetica International Festival 2016

05 Dec 2016: Gayatri Gamarsh Memorial Awards 2016 to Sujay Datta, Sonnet Mondal

05 Dec 2016: Sriharikrishna Mocherla’s “Eudemonic Semantics” launched

24 Nov 2016: Legendary maestro Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna breathes his last

17 Nov 2016: ‘Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016’ – International Multilingual Poets Meet at Vijayawada

17 Nov 2016: Book Launch cum Seminar on "Premchand in World Languages: New Frontiers in Premchand Scholarship"

15 Nov 2016: “Poetry for Peace (Why War?)” on Nov 10, 2016

31 Oct 2016: Workshops on Practising Poetry

31 Oct 2016: Tuhin Harit’s debut novel “Mannu Rikshewala”

16 Oct 2016: Fused-Unfused: Art Exhibition by Pankaj Kumar Saxena

14 Oct 2016: Prolific writer Neelam Saxena Chandra interviewed on DD National

6 Sep 2016: Lakshmi Kannan’s debut novel in English released on Aug 30

02 Aug 2016: Scintillating Performance of Merchant of Venice in Bengali

18 Jul 2016: A Milestone for Indian Diaspora Poets

18 Jul 2016: Two interesting arrivals from Rasala

27 Jun 2016: Neelam Saxena Chandra’s poetry books released

19 Jun 2016: Natak Phatak – A Bold Attempt in adapting an English Film on a Bengal Stage

6 Jun 2016: Khandala Fest 2016

5 Jun 2016: Prof Raamaa Chandramouli receives Seshendra Award

1 Jun 2016: Christal Ferrao’s “It is like magic” released

22 May 2016: The Lost World of Sarala Devi by Sachidananda Mohanty

17 May 2016: Dharmashoke: A New and Fresh look into His/Herstory

11 May 2016: “Passing Show” stage-play by Sayak in Kolkata

6 May 2016: Muse India guest editor Sami Ahmad Khan is a PhD now!

27 Apr 2016: Educationist Prof IV Chalapati Rao no more

10Apr 2016: “No Waiting Like Departure” by Debasish Lahiri

7 Apr 2016: “The Spectacular Miss” by Sonia Bahl unveiled

4 Apr 2016: Swara Rangawali – A medley of melodies

1 Apr 2016: Ismat Chughtai’s “Do Haath”: A laudable performance

30 Mar 2016: Rashtretara Telugu Samakhya (RTS) meets in Delhi

29 Mar 2016: Phoenix’s “The Fire and the Rain”: Girish Karnad’s play in Bengali

25 Mar 2016: Balmiki, a flawlessly performed play

16 Mar 2016: Debasish Lahiri’s collection of travel poems for launch on Mar 25

12 Mar 2016: “Ripples and Reflections” by Venugopala Rao Kaki launched

6 Mar 2016: Creative Portrait Art Exhibition in New Delhi

3 Mar 2016: A glittering affair: Authorspress book release event

23 Feb 2016: Muse India fiction attracts translator Soma Sankar Kolluri

25 Jan 2016: HRPASWD (Bareilly) confers awards to promote art, literature and culture

23 Jan 2016: Wintering with Caesurae in Kolkata

Jan 5: Bashir Bhaderwahi is Sahitya Akademi awardee for Kashmiri

Dec 16: 2-Day Urdu conference held at Srinagar, J & K on Dec 14-15

Dec 10: Raashid Jahangir receives Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar from Sangeet Natak Academy

Dec 10: ‘Twelfth Night’ by Filter Company, UK: A rare stage-performance

Dec 9: Writer Ghulam Nabi Nazir Kulgami mourned

Dec 8: Young Mohsin Bin Mushtaq at Times Lit Fest in Delhi

Dec 7: Refurbished Abhinav Theatre opened at Jammu

Dec 7: Abdul Rashid Nazki’s services applauded

Dec 7: Noted litterateur Nazir Kulgami is no more

Dec 4: Life and work of poet Soch Kral recalled

Dec 4: Literary giant Syed Rusul Ponpur remembered

Dec 1: Four more literary/cultural events in J&K in Nov 2015

Dec 1: District level Mushaira at Budgam, J&K

Nov 30: Launch of “Heights of Life” with an Interactive Literary Session

Nov 30: Flood-ravaged JKACL outlet of publications reopened

Nov 28: Students sensitised about Kashmiri language by AMK

Nov 28: Daylong Kashmiri lit fete @ Bijbehara on Nov 26

Nov 26: A multilingual youthful Mushaira at Srinagar

Nov 26: “Give due place for Kashmiri language in curriculum”

Nov 23: “Damini Hey” – Stage-play running over a year

Nov 22: Hindi journalism education by Uttarakhand Open University

Nov 22: Jammu Kashmir Cultural Confederation formed

Nov 18: Indian Poetry: In Translation and in English

Nov 17, 2015: A festschrift in honour of Prof Harish Trivedi

21 Oct 2015: NS Murty’s The Easel launched on Oct 18

Oct 20, 2015: Jnan Pith Recipient’s mega-novel launched

14 Oct 2015 - Bloomsbury releases Sanjeev Sethi’s new book of poetry

6 Oct 2015 - Yashoda Thakore's 'Kaivalya': Yoga an integral part of Classical dance

1 Oct 2015: ‘Salam to You Dr Kalam’ released

27 Sep 2015: Varanasi Nagalakshmi’s story collection released

26 Sep 2015: ‘Sabha Parva - A Study’ launched on Sep 22, 2015

26 Sep 2015: Poetic Prism 2015

Sep 16 - Indian Languages Festival ‘Samanvay-2015’ - Nov 26-29

Aug 21, 2015: Savants Arisetti Sai Prasad, Dr PSG Kumar receive awards

11 Aug 2015: MATWAALA: South Asian Diaspora Poets (North America) Fest

Aug 6 - Prof Sachidananda Mohanty appointed Vice Chancellor of CUO

Aug 04 - Eminent Sindhi writer Moti Prakash no more

25 Jul 2015: "Rhapsodies and Musings" launched

Jul 8 - Routledge's book on Tagore's dramatic literature

25 Jun 2015: Literary colossus Pullela Sri Rama Chandrudu no more

Jun 5 - South Asian Diaspora Poets Festival at Austin USA in Aug 2015

21 Apr 2015: Dr Velchala Kondal Rao feted with Lifetime Achievement Award

13 Apr 2015: Sonnet Mondal @ Uskudar International Poetry Festival, Istanbul

Mar 28 - Mamta Anand’s 'Treasure a Tear' released

Feb 7 - Bhalchandra Nemade wins Jnanpith 2014

Feb 6 - Usha Kishore's second book of poetry launched

Feb 6 - Semeen Ali's new book of poetry 'Transitions'

Feb 6 - R K Biswas’ new collection of Stories

Jan 27 - State Funeral for R K Laxman

Jan 4 - Sachidananda Mohanty’s new book released by Routledge

Dec 20 - Mani Rao’s new book of poems

Dec 16 - Abhay K’s ‘The Seduction of Delhi’ delights

Dec 16 - Dileep Jhaveri’s ‘Once this mist clears’ launched

Dec 16 - Robert Bohm’s new book of poetry ‘What the Bird Tattoo Hides’

Dec 15 - Vandana Shah’s The EX-FILES released

Dec 15 - Westland releases Sharath Komarraju’s ‘The Puppeteers of Palem’

Dec 15 - Westland launches Vijay Nagaswami’s ‘To D or Not to D?’

Dec 15 - Westland brings out Chacko and Noronha’s ‘Salt of the Earth’

Chandrika Balan’s Arya & Other stories released

3 Nov 2014: Devdutt Patnaik’s book on Indian Goddesses

2 Nov 2014: Ibohal Kshetrimayum’s debut poetry book released

Nov 2 - Journeys, an anthology of haibun released

Sep 15 - Rajashree Anand’s novel on Cyber Bullying

Sep 10 - Nida Sayed's speculative novel launched

Sep 2 - State funeral for eminent Telugu Film Director-Cartoonist Bapu

Sep 1 - Young Sonnet Mondal represents India at the Struga festival

Aug 31 - Veteran journalist Balraj Puri no more

Aug 31 - Sunil Uniyal’s translations of Ghalib’s verses released

Aug 30 - Noted Historian Bipan Chandra dies at 86

Aug 29 - India to convert Orwell’s birthplace into Museum

Aug 22 - U R Ananthamurthy passes away

Aug 18 - Salman Rushdie gets top Danish Award

Unique study on Dalit Literature

‘Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma: The Man & His Music’ from Niyogi

14 Dec 2013: "Flying Sparks" and "Parables for Healthy Minds" launched

28 Nov 2013: "My Glass of Wine" - A novelette set for launch

Rashmi Singh's new novel published

17 Oct 2013: "The Tanjore Painting" released

Haiku Meet in Hyderabad on 19-20 Oct 2013

1 July 2013: Literary meet, book launch, award ceremony at Kadapa

26 Jun 2013: “Memoirs & Musings of an IAS Officer” released

BAPASI Award to Dileep Jhaveri

8 Jun 2013: Vempalli Shariff receives Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar

5 May 2013: VS Ramadevi launched into eternity

Telugu Writer Ravuri Bharadwaja gets Jnanpith

Rasala releases 'Madhura Vijaya' in translation

Eminent Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe passes away

Gabriel Rosenstock translates Indian poets into Irish

Muse India Award Winners

17 Dec 2012: VV Satyaprasad’s poetry books launched

Sunil Gangopadhyay no more

Elizabeth Kurian’s 'Beyond Images' launched

28 Aug 2012: Rajaiah’s brush stops ...

28 Aug 2012: Juvvadi Gowtham Rao no more

K K Srivastava’s new book of poetry released

Sanskrit ‘Tapasvini’ of Harekrishna Meher launched

Prof. Bh. Krishnamurti passes away

22 Jul 2012: "Viswanatha: A Literary Legend" launched

Hiren Bhattacharya passes away

23 Jun 2012: Saleem’s stories in English translation launched

Muse India Awards 2012 - Submissions Invited

Prof C Vijayasree passes away

Desetti Kesava Rao passes away

4 May 2012: Srinivas Sistla’s Translation of "Manu Charitra" launched

4 May 2012: Srinivas Sistla’s "Art Quiz" launched

4 May 2012: Malsawmi Jacob’s 6th book launched

4 May 2012: Amar Agarwala’s debut novel launched

Jai Ratan passes away

Ranjit Hoskote and Anindita Sengupta win Muse India Awards

Ramesh Anand's first book of haiku released

Open Road Review, A New Literary Magazine, Launched

K S Subramanian's Second Book of Verse Published

'Roots and Wings,' an anthology of poetry, released

Sudha Balagopal’s Collection of Stories Released

Sambalpur University honours Harekrishna Meher

Jitendra Sharma’s Book on Aurobindo Released

Randeep Wadehra’s debut book released

Latika Mangrulkar’s new book launched

Muse India announces National Literary Awards 2012

APS Malhotra's 'Dilliz Boyz' launched

Sweta Srivastava Vikram's debut novel released

'Mountain Echoes 2011' inaugurated in Bhutan

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