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Ambika Ananth

Ambika Ananth – Editorial Comment

Providing substantial reality through sustained imagination, the poems here are of different moods and pathos. If words are carefully chosen to present poetic thoughts, how potent they can be in evoking response, what impact they can have on readers' minds can be understood by reading the poems presented here. It is said that the meaning of the poem rests on the emotional mood of the reader, hence the readers' role in poetic appreciation is as important as that of the primary creator - the poet. The experience of 'rasa' depends strongly on the receptivity of the readers. Be it a socio-politico-historical reality or a deeper probing of inner heart the poem conveys, only if it evokes aesthetic and literary appreciation, it becomes a successful poem. Without the enjoyer, the creation loses its value - our readers as the poetic enjoyers add value to the creations. I thank all the poet-contributors and I welcome you all to enjoy the poetic feast spread out here.     



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Ambika Ananth – Editorial Comment
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