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Krishna Chakravorty

Krishna Chakravarthy

The Love Story

Our lives are nothing else but,
A story of love between you and me,
You can not live a moment without me,
I can not live a moment without you,
We are nothing else but parts of one another!

You are the river flowing down from the hills with gusto,
I am holding the banks, the boulders, the turns and twists,
You are all my torrents, wave fronts and bubbles,
While I am all your course, stony walls and strengths.

You sing the tunes and melodies of our lives together,
While I play the instruments and make it a sweet music,
You play the dances of our lives on the floor,
While I hold you in my arms and your consort in dance.

We cross together our lives path hand-in-hand,
Day or night, rain or shine, windy or stormy,
You hold my hand, I hold yours at every turn and slip,
Until we reach the end and death do us apart.

An Oasis of Hope

Why are you so sad, pale, dim, depressed and broken hearted?
Is life so hard, bad, merciless, unfair, dark and gloomy for you?
Do you feel pessimistic, angry, frustrated, upset and almost mad?
Do you feel no hope, no help, total darkness, despair and disdain?

Hang on to the rest of your lingering hopes and don’t loose them all,
After all, this life is most unpredictable and unfair no doubt about it,
Some probabilities can still bring some new hopes and light in your life,
Hang on to those hopes-yet-to-come and the rest of your optimism.

No one in this world is satisfied with his/her fate, luck and destiny,
There are others in the world suffering the same or more than that you are,
Wealth and richness are not the only solutions to the problems in life,
Even rich and famous people are unhappy and frustrated most of their lives.

Think about the people suffering from flood, storm, quakes, and tsunamis,
Think about the people suffering from AID, MSD, ID, and blood diseases,
Think about the handicapped, wounded, crippled and terminally ill people,
You are mush better, much healthier and much happier than them isn’t it?

Comparing yourself to the richer and healthier people makes you real sad,
Comparing yourself to the poorer and sicker people make you feel good,
Have more patience to bear the pains and misery you can not cure yourself,
Have hope that the sun will rise again to-morrow and the rest of your hopes. 

All men are created equal

All men and all women are created equal with overall power and ability
While individual physical, mental, educational and technical abilities may differ,
All human beings, men and women are born free and equal in dignity and rights,
But they are not given the equal even though they want, deserve and qualify for them.

These truths are not self evident when life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are concerned,
Might is right gives the privileged the freedom to do almost anything anywhere in world,
Acquiring, possessing, collecting, and magnifying their wealth becomes the law for them,
While depriving and robbing the life, liberty and happiness of the masses and their rights.

Politics is the mass murderer and the usurper of all the powers and all the rights of people
Stripping off the humanity and human dignity of all the downtrodden and poor masses,
The royal robe gives them the money, power, position, name and the hired hooligans,
To do whatever, whenever, wherever, and how much they want to loot and plunder.

Time may bring the tide of power for the masses and the ultimate equalizing force,
But they are always transitory, short lived, tiny and only for a breathing moment,
The Goliath has always ruled over the David by hook or by crooks or by politics,
The laws of equality, equal rights, and human dignity will take long time to come!

What is the Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is transmigration of the Soul from one body to another,
Because the Soul is immortal, eternal and indestructible in nature,
Birth is not a beginning, death is not an end of the Soul and the Atman,
There are birth, death, issuing forth and returning to the flesh again

Rebirth is continuity of the personality and memory through the soul,
That recalls the ‘lived through’ existence and ‘own existence’ again,
The soul is untouchable, unpolluted, unburnable, and imperishable,
That springs from the dead and assumes another body to survive.

Consciousness passes in a continuum and in a stream of cosmic rays,
Lighting one candle to the next and next and next in the reincarnation,
Science calls reincarnation a paranormal phenomena and not so true,
While critics call it nothing but the old wives folly and gossip.

The Atman survives the death and extinction by entering another body,
The Karmic inheritance and self becoming again goes on and on for ever,
Till the atman, the soul, reaches the Moksha and the Nirvana comes in,
When all the ignorance, cravings and lusts uprooted, the rebirth ceases.



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