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Zinia Mitra

Zinia Mitra


Landscape covered with dust
grime - covered leaves
struggling for breath.

Too many have died here
too many deaths,
in villages, towns ,cities
tossed in the media
then gainfully forgotten.

The city is changing!
The city is changing !
Does it not remotely echo
London Bridge’s fall?
Is it the not the wasteland again
with so many
under the earth?
Their voices 
whisper in the night
the bulging moon
when the hyenas 
sniff around blood.

'Ihe fading mother
The fading mother
did she ever apprehend
between the monotonous 
of her panchali
that her grown up daughter 
who attempted to hide the blood strain on her sari
will be drenched in blood so soon
when the conch had failed to tremble that evening?
Or could she perceive between her wails
and fears that the hands that
wiped her tears and promised her money
were the same that had patted on 
the killer’s shoulders.

Her neighbours stand still

Trying to drown their conscience
in the laughter of TV stars.

I know you too can, like me, 
hear their cries
hidden, secret 
under leaves,
can hear the juice vendor
churn his wheel noisily 
as sugarcanes 
pass out lifeless through his hands
his children’s curses spreading slowly across
our dust-covered landscape. 


Clouds bubble out 
like popcorns 
and scatter. 
A pensive calendar day yawns and stretches 
across my bed. 
Sparrows have returned early.
There are no butterflies.
The singing birds rest.

Clouds carry ancient gods 
in their folds, 
tremble like arrow 
in the quiver of the mind.

On the lips almost a prayer 
a scribble
flown in the evening 
with the setting sun. 
Those that read it 
burn alone 
like black coffee
that has its untold milk.



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