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Jairaj Padmanabhan

Jairaj Padmanabhan

Graffiti’s on the wall

A disturbed mind
graffiti’s on the walls of the loo
A calm mind
well I don't know
what it is


The humble zero lived alone
at perfect peace with himself.
Now he lends himself
and his soul to raise egos
of lean mean figures to vulgarity

When curtains came down

We both stood
in that pregnant silence
While our minds and heart
did all the confabulation
till they could no longer.
So she broke the impasse.
Someone had to.

She threw back her hair,
veiling her face
and let herself be
what I should see.

Eyes that dammed all the emotions
trembling lips that spoke the unspoken.
Then slowly she touched me.
Her silent speech,
I hung to it’s every word.

The audience rose
to resounding ovation
as the curtains came down

Gathering my thoughts

Subliminal thoughts
they eject in sporadic bursts
stringed by incoherent logic
like parts of a dream
like threads to be woven to fine fabric
by dexterous fingers on this ream.

Subliminal thoughts
a few sublime.
(Let them be)
Elope with the articulate ones
then drop on this paper
in consummate ecstasy
and so I gather my poetry.

It happened

It happened.
We met at the crossroads
our needs diverse; perhaps mutual
Circumspect, exchanged glances,
smiles and then our predisposition

Soon bubbling in our new found camaraderie
growing on each other
sharing our sentience
flaunting each other to the world.
In love though proud to admit
Imperious superego surmounting the id

Then when we needed each other most
took paths diverse
for reasons unknown to both.
Never to meet again.

May be unsure what each wanted
unsure what the other wanted.



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