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Atreya Sarma U

Atreya Sarma U : Editorial Musings

There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. 

~ Willa Cather, O Pioneers!

Human beings are an eternally interesting and enigmatic lot for their feelings, ideas and emotions are not visible on their face. Yet some people wear them on their sleeve – though inwardly they can be opposite of what they project. In short, they hide behind a mask, and are hypocrites. Some people can be very deep, and their minds cannot be probed. It’s how we have two-timers, confidence tricksters, and glib cheats – charming us with their blarney and other gimmicks. ‘That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain,’ one agrees with the Bard. It could take a whole life time for them to get unmasked. A wife and a husband may live under the same roof, and spend a lot of time together; yet they may remain a stranger to each other. A streak of selfishness and a reluctance to face and abide by the truth is obviously a cause of this Janus-faced tendency. Such people when doomed to drown in the mire of their sins drag even the innocent along with them. While it may be difficult or impossible to know a person inside out, sometimes it would so happen that we don’t know about our own selves – our own past could be shrouded behind a mist too thick for us; or our mind and mood could be nebulous and erratic. Once it is laid bare, it could shock us, startle us, overwhelm us. Yet we have people who are full of sublimity, sangfroid, sanity, and smiles even in the face of untold woes. Their positive energy and joie de vivre is just infectious. May their tribe proliferate!

The above philosophy of life is an outcome of the four stories selected for this issue: ‘Varsha’s encounter with her roots’ by Gautam Maitra, ‘Roodrabhisheka’ by Shaily Sahay, ‘Twilight’ by Tulsi Charan Bisht, and ‘Dora’ by KS Kanakasabapathi. Hearty congratulations to these four writers. The remaining nine stories received up to the end of November 2011 along with those received subsequently will be considered for March-April 2012 issue. 

Hope you will find the four stories interesting and stimulating. 
A Happy & Prosperous New Year (2012) and Sankranti!



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Tulsi Charan Bisht : ‘Twilight’
Atreya Sarma U : Editorial Musings

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