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Shernaz Wadia

Shernaz Wadia: Editorial Comment

As kids we are all story tellers. From the micro-fiction called "fibs' to our forays into non-existent realms of exploits and thrills, our imagination runs amok to encompass it all. Gradually, we begin to wear masks of adulthood and extinguish those fires that transformed ordinary situations and people into extra-ordinary ones.

Fortunately there are those among us in whom the cinders have stayed alive and are ignited by real life incidents into interesting stories. A character in Vempalle Shariff's "A Point of Nails" says, "Stories don't hang separately anywhere. They lie in our chats and in our lives."

According to Lawrence Block the short story " perforce a labour of love in today's literary world; there's precious little incentive to write one." Yet, there are those who toil on.

This issue brings us the labour of love of Anirudh Kala, Dr Sunil Sharma, Madhulika Ghose, Prashila Naik and K L Chowdhury along with that of Vempalle Shariff. Relish the inviting fruit of this labour letting the stories appeal to each of us in their own way as they make us reflect upon the conditions, characters and situations they underscore.



Jayanta Mahapatra: In Conversation with Sachidananda Mohanty
Sarojini Sahoo: In Discussion with Kavita Arya

Deepali Yadav: Divakaruni’s Oleander Girl
Disha Khanna: Mahesh Dattani’s On a Muggy Night in Mumbai
Hampi Chakrabarti: Punctured Conscience
Koushiki Dasgupta: The Poetry of Mallika Sengupta

Book Reviews
Atreya Sarma: ‘Mystic Warrior’
GSP Rao: ‘Tapestry Poetry’
Jaydeep Sarangi: ‘Exchanges with the Thinker’
Priyanka Kakoti: ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’

Ambika Ananth: Editorial Note
Abin Chakraborty
Amreen B Shaikh
Ankush Banerjee
Charles Thielman
Jhuma Sen
Lora Tomas
Neelam Dadhwal
Rafiul Rahman
Rittvika Singh
Rob Harle
Rohan Dominic Mathews
Shanta Acharya
Simon Perchik
Sunita Raina Pandit

Shernaz Wadia: Editorial Comment
Anirudh Kala: ‘Mr Haq’
KL Chowdhury: ‘Tenderer than a Petal…’
Madhuliika Ghose: ‘Inspiration’
Prashila Naik: ‘The B.A. Pass Groom’
Sunil Sharma: ‘Dream’
Vempalle Shariff: ‘A Point of Nails’

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