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Alka Dutt

Alka Dutt: God I Am

Book Review

Pami Singh
God I Am
Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth
Create Space Independent Publishing Platform. 2014
ISBN-10: 1500914959
ISBN-13: 978-1500914950
Pages 134 | $ 9.99 | Rs 720 | Kindle Rs 399

Dream through open eyes, and enjoy true life

“You are now, you have always been and you will ever remain divine, eternal, infinite, and Sacred perfection, and your sole, as well as your soul purpose here is to remember, to rediscover and to place this divine truth in your conscious awareness again.”

                                                                    ~ Singh, Aug 28, 2014, Page 11

God I Am by Pami Singh explores the inner conscious of man. Christianity believes that God is spiritual and has always been there. And Pami Singh says, "You are now, you have always been and you will ever remain." God knows all, he is omnipotent and omniscient. He is the manipulator of all matter and creates whatever he wills. Pami Singh says:

"In your beingness are inherent such magnificent powers that you can, with a mere shift of awareness, interrupt and change the flow of, not only that which you observe currently, but also that which you would have observed tomorrow had you not used your power to change the flow of events, and you will have, thus also changed your perceived future." (Singh, Aug 28, 2014, Page 12)

Through his mystical and spiritual guide, 'transmissions' from his inner and higher consciousness and guiding spirit of his late wife, Wendy, Pami comes to the conclusion that he himself is 'God.'. Message from the book is direct and clear; to regain our divine, infinite and eternal perfect form we will have to forget the wrong notion that we are beings created by a selfish God to serve him. For him each person is a 'God' and whole world exists in everyman and all one has to do is to regain this lost world which has been relegated to the back of the mind under undue pressure of religions of this world, traditions, moral and cultural values laid down by generation after generation of man. God I Am fills up the emptiness that exists between the almighty and mortal man.

The book takes us down a path that leads to abundant peace, love and joy. And this can be experienced only when spirit and matter get united to generate a whole, a living being. The five senses can be used to attain wisdom that will finally help you in attaining sublime peace. The power to attain total mastery over oneself is 'within.' All religions of the world teach us that God can be seen in one's own soul.

Insanity of man can be seen in his repeated actions. These actions are related to whatever he does in his everyday mundane life, whatever pain he goes through as he strives to stay alive in this harsh world, whatever he sees around him, whatever he is taught to do in educational institutions and by his elders at home. Cutting through the chains that bind his mind is what will free him and make him discover his innermost pure divine nature. Man is believed to be perfect in The Old Testament of the Hebrews. Soul becomes impure by performing sins. If man can commit sin, then he alone has the power to atone for it and make the soul revert back to its true state.

The book explores reincarnation theory by talking about eternal bonding that the author shares with his wife who reveals to him stories about previous births when they were together in different forms. Spirits are beyond life and death. Wendy, his wife of this birth is his guardian spirit who helps him through tight situations that come his way; spirits of dead live in another dimension and this dimension seems to intermingle with the earthly one throughout the narration. Humans as spiritual spirits are nothing but energy. Some energy comes down with the soul that attains human form and rest stays back in the other world. Realization of our true nature is what God I Am all about is. Wendy is energy that always appears to Pami as bright light that is moving towards him. Light also symbolizes knowledge that is going to be his after his conversation with Wendy.

People who experience out-of-the-world experiences might feel at ease after reading the book. Pami seems to float from present to past and vice versa without fear. He faces the formless in form without shuddering with fright. Wendy is like a God who does not exist at times, and during other moments she is there in form with Pami even so far as to provide him with sensual pleasures that they once enjoyed as husband and wife.

Vivekananda talked about independent souls and Pami tells us that we need to break away from the bondage of dependency by accepting that we are divine. When Hindus talk about "Jagrit Kundlini", it means that the soul has realized its true nature and is now on its path to "salvation." Vivekananda too says that soul is perfect.

After reading the book we realize that there is more than what meets the eyes. We become comfortable with out-of-the-world experiences. Man's sixth sense takes him closer to realms that an ordinary human person cannot otherwise reach. Life can be completely transformed after facing extraordinary experiences, mind starts working on a different level altogether. According to Mc Ginn, God does remain as an object in the external world, but he is there in "new ways of knowing and loving based on states of awareness in which God becomes present in our inner acts." Mystical experiences felt by the author makes him more understanding as Larson says, " A mystical experience is an intuitive understanding and realization of the meaning of existence… providing a sense of release from ordinary self-awareness . . . for interpreting all other experience whether cognitive, conative, or affective."

William James comes close to the message propagated by the book when he says, "In mystic states we both become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our oneness."

Throughout we encounter Pami going through mystical experiences that are connected to his psychological states. Revelations are caused by his getting in contact with realities of high order. For him meditation is another way through which we come closer to our true divine nature.

Body is temple to human soul. And soul is required to accept the fact that it is not estranged from the Lord. All souls present on this earth are but one. Pami invites his readers to experience "true life" and this can also be done by dreaming through open eyes. Pami has truly gone through revealing supernatural experiences. He does not hallucinate as he does not take medicine or any form of drug just before the experience. Sick people hallucinate but Pami is fit and fine. Each experience seems true to life.



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