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Md. Ziaul Haque

Md. Ziaul Haque

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Who Loves More? Let the Rain Decide

Far away we are,
From each other,
Don’t you miss me once,
Even by chance?

My Muse you are,
With a heart like honey pure,
From the earthly elves, you used to protect,
Being next to ‘nature’ that they call art.

Loving you is prayer,
The way the winds yearn for,
Kissing the roses and the mountains,
Endeavour to cuddle the clouds, same with me happens.

Who loves more?
It may be you ‘my dear’,
Or me, none can ever hide,
Let the rain decide.

As the bird for alms cries before the snow,
I request you to behold the wailing sky and know,
If the raindrops carry the memories,
Back to life, will there be any room for lies?


Green is the colour,
That nature breathes in,
Synonymous it is to life,
And its welfare.

Pacifies the eyes,
Works as a healer,
Of mind, spirit and so on,
It truly inspires.

So many poets have in thy praise sing,
All are of equal worth to thee,
Regardless of the commoner,
And the King.

Wordsworth, Coleridge and beyond,
Have never let the cascades of the souls go dry,
When it comes to thee,
With whom we do sustain an inseparable bond.

Like Aurora’s undying beauty, evergreen green should be,
I feel like being a widow bird while I am not amid you,
Restless as the wind I become since,
It is you that my eyes long to see.

Your Beauty Amazed Me

Oh! The moment you appeared,
Before the eyes of mine,
Blown away I was,
By the beauty that you carried.

I kept on looking at you,
Your eyes, hair, lips and didn’t pay heed,
To the single word of yours,
You walked in beauty, it’s true.

As the river waits to receive the fountain,
And the ocean craves for holding the river close,
Such was my feeling for you,
Why are you now trying to bind love then?

Isn’t ‘singularity’ a mirage in the end?
Let my heart with your one mingle,
Stop acting like that earthy worm,
Earthy, callous and blind.

To you, ‘grace’ should be another name given,
If love is foolishness then let me be a fool,
Let me love you and your loveliness for ever and ever,
Seeing your beauty, ashamed shall feel Aphrodite and Helen.

Second Coming

The world shall,
Witness epiphany of the messiah joining the Guided One,
In the east of Damascus in the warfare,
Against the Antichrist, the Dajjal.

Everywhere shall the blood-dimmed tide be,
Each naive soul will into caged birds be turned,
Of the night-like fiends the realm shall stretch,
Till ripen the time is for the spiritus mundi.

As after storm glances heavenly peace,
And the night invites the sun to rise,
Such will the circumstances be,
With the hellions being isolated like the Outer Hebrides.

Like Grendel, Gog and Magog will not be able,
To withstand the power of divinity,
And the grace that Christ is blessed with,
Perish shall the fiends ending up in hell.

The Saviour shall the leader be after the Mahdi passes away,
With contentment breathing all around,
The world shall a miniature heaven be,
To embrace the Nazarene, the earth of Medina shall gladly stay.

A Beautiful Heart

Heart everyone has one,
But your one is compared to none,
Its beauty touches all,
Anyone can hardly avoid its call.

Why doesn’t everyone own such a heart?
Sounds silly since the nature’s law worships part,
I’m proud to have fallen in love,
With you, my literal dove.

You are so kind-hearted, so generous,
Affecting all those who die to steal some moments of yours,
You are Jewel of “Lord Jim”, supporting me forever,
I can discover a Portia in you being my well-wisher.

You are what Bob Marley said my “one love, one heart, one destiny”,
Having faith in Tennyson, so have I decided wisely,
To “have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”,
No matter if hell simply stares at me or chooses to fall.

May your heart remain as it is, evermore,
Let it not be impure,
May the sky dwell in peace in your heart’s heart,
Possibly Shakespeare would use your name, forgetting Rosalind’s part.



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