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Samreen Sajeda

Samreen Sajeda

Serene sunset. Image credit: KKitsos at

A Call from the Deep

You know not what lies in me
For eyes cannot fathom
Mere ripples that are born to die.

What tranquility, you gasp.

Drink only as is needed, then go
Where you must go
I will lure you though.

Alas! Looking at me doesn’t quench your thirst.
You step towards the forbidden shore

Mysterious I am, my ways unknown.
Treat not lightly my peace – -
Provoked, my wrath shall kiss you
Until your shrieks echo in my bosom.

Once more you gasp.
The tranquility then, is eternal.

Special Organic Ghee from Tension-Free Cows

In the Indian market
All things ordinary are
Prefixed 'special'.
'Special' ghee, 'special' mithai,
Eyes ravishing ladoos
Cocooned in desi ghee.

If only
'Special' ghee was
Fat free- tension free- guilt free
Like a cow chewing cud endlessly,
Fearless of churning an extra calorie.

I am guilty
Of eating one...maybe two
Of those fat ladoos.
Tomorrow, an extra hour at the gym
Will melt my sin
As organic ghee trickles down.

I promise
I won't touch it again
Those mouth-watering ladoos!

Can I have one more?

A Piece of Time

I have pondered
Why people are always on the run,
Constantly trying to overtake the other.

Feels as though life is being chased
Each minute by time.
Time triumphs every time.
But on the other hand,
is generous too.
Every second giving birth
To a different moment--
Some cherished or
Frozen in memory,
Sometimes condemned and
Conveniently forgotten.

The Hungry Tide
inspired by Fokir-- a character in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide)

A terrific storm--
Mighty waves in sight
Yet the fisherman rode
With all his might!
The boat lurched forward
Tearing the water:
A drop of victory

Then darkness.

Rhim Jhim

heat succumbed to rain.
city bathed in relief--
fresh faces, soiled feet.


A loner walks at
her own solitary pace.
Shadows forge designs
translating footsteps into art.
Why then, should I blend with the crowd?



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