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Arunima Takiar

Arunima Takiar

Celebrating monsoon. Image credit-


I have never visited this land before
It’s white though I cannot see
Does it really exist
or is it just my fantasy?

Are people dressed in white
or am I turning colour blind
Are neighbours sharing smiles
or are these hallucinations of my mind?

I see the white doves gather
on the parapets nearby,
This sure is a sign
of peaceful coexistence hereby.

A meeting of the minds
or a congregation of souls,
not troubled by the
unwanted presence of the moles.

Not many moons ago,
the people of this land were cast,
in a macabre comedy of war
now merely ghosts of the past.

As the days fly by
I realise this is not a dream,
I have finally arrived at the land
where peaceful faces beam.

It’s that virginal territory
experienced by those fated to see,
Where bickering souls from the past
now meet to laugh with glee.


When the hills beckon a lonesome
cloud over a parched plain,
unable to contain its joy
it lets out a gush of rain.

Just when they were ready to waltz
the plain satiated by chance,
if it was not for the mountain’s invitation
we would have missed nature’s dance.

Now drenched in this silent carnival
rocking to the sound of raindrops,
we sing and hum the melodies
our footsteps adjusting to the flip-flops.

The quiet jamboree now plays out
The river gushing in a hushed tone,
The birds chirp in delight
With no more reason to bemoan.

Soaked in euphoric cries of joy
All the elements of nature prance,
if it was not for the mountain’s invitation
we would have missed nature’s dance.


Countless coffees,
many a hashtag,
pretensions of an untold tale

Obstinate addictions,
Broken resolutions
Reveal intentions gone pale

No judgments passed,
No decisions made
from where warriors hail

Tokens of love,
effusive expressions
Without wind in their sails

No beginning,
Without an end
a dismal countenance trails

Bonds that stretch
but do not break
Rest assured, won’t derail

Notorious lies,
Famous half-truths
accusations, impressions fail

Countless coffees,
many a hashtag,
pretensions of an untold tale


Don’t take away the dignity
of my broken silence,
questions asked
but not unearthed
Silence exalted to prominence
where dreams of many clusters are found
dense, amidst the wrinkled sands of time
and galaxies in space

It talks back with a thump
yes, silence speaks
not influenced by weary travellers
of unbound journeys

Has the question ever been answered
in the untamed realms
of sleep or in the territory of
wide-awake state?

We learn to accept
the shattered quietness
of baffled beings until
the broken silence speaks again.


Give pause
Think hard
The planet is our hearth

Join hands
Write songs
Recycle for planet Earth

Root for support
Sow hope
Plant a tree

Get together
on Earth Day
it’s Nature’s spree

Save our oceans
Clap for marine life
Make the world better

Provide for need
Shun greed
Break from the fetter
Clean the rivers
Stop climate change
Save the world from sorrow

Stop global warming
Protect future generations
Give them a tomorrow



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