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Maere Damisr

Maere Damisr

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If you must forget me, then do it fast
Do not write with empty promises
Of days to come and of many words

I’ve devoured every letter religiously
Etched in me are those hundred words.

If you must forget me, then do it fast
Let the sword swing through me at last
I’ve bled enough from its blade at my heart

The road is empty, as years before
The coming ones too are thus assured.

If you must forget me, then let me pass
Cut me off from the cloth of misery
Be brave, or is bravery a thought of the past?

Does truth roll in its grave and is kindness bereft
Is heartlessness anchored in our time?


you wane, or so I hear
the silhouettes of the sleeping winter branch
hold you close-
we meet again, this second night
your light is bright
a flaming torch, though gentle

all go about their ways
the oak branch sways-

and I behold you once again
a peeping glance-
before my slumber, before
I part with you again.


I am not growing a goitre from this work
No paint falls from the roof onto my face
Yet, pray, save from what I have made
Have I turned into Frankenstein?
Bereft of love for his own creation
Arduous is the task
Yet choose it I did
Weary and forgotten
Hanging to thin threads of hope
Of inspiration to come
That never comes
I cannot swallow the sea
I am lost, without a path
Save me, if you are there
Save me from this nothingness.


Now that the world is quiet again
And nothing ignoble can snatch my thoughts
I think of fireflies, my silent companions

How was it then, twenty years ago
They scaled the earth, the trees, the sky
the rooms in which we played and read

All lights fade in the night, or it was thus
But not the firefly- sometimes,
the only light to grace a starless sky

Now, long swept into the folds of another earth
Days and nights, months and years
The world, it stands, now without the firefly

I turn to the door of the past, without a key
As other lights blossomed in the air
I’ve forgotten the light of the firefly.



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