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Devendhira Poopathi

Devendhira Poopathi

Painting by N Srinivasan

Translated from Tamil by Rajaram Brammarajan

The Red that is Green

Before departing
I cleaved the darkness into two
And wrapped you.
The other day
you were achromatic
Then you were black until
I cloaked you with sunlight.†

From the moment of sunlightís contact
Black changed and white continued to spread.
We got used to eat dark green.
A random evening turned us yellow.†

During coitus
Red became dominant
Though blood alternated and overflowed as light
It remains just green.
You said you liked blue
Till today
I remain immutable.†

Poems about Photography-2†††

My ancestors had preserved a book for me
It contained descriptions about photography.†

It had been uttering
The left as right
Light as darkness
Simulation as reality.†

At a momentís freeze
When it determines
The imitation of the original as repudiation of reality
From my ancestorsís book
Sans the mirrorís reflection and motion of life
Descends and diasppears
One who resembles a copy

Wandering voice in the Jungle†††

I forgot to tell you
During that kiss
I heard the loud thundering of the sea.†

With the windís bliss when my voice
Penetrates your jungle
You keep off from me
With the fragrance of fruits.†

Heaping the words and setting them to fire
My youth basks.
A few birds tell your name.†

Yet another secret:
The sentence you left on my lips
Is moving to different parts of the body
But you are not aware of this.†

Beneath the dried leaves
Your time remains curled up like a centipede.
In the loneliness of waiting
My voice wanders in the jungle.†


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