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Yogesh Patel

Yogesh Patel

"Sage". Artwork by Reeta Gidwani Karmarkar.


(Based on Reeta Gidwani's artwork comprising cubes)

I realize my concord as Trishanku
Confronting time and space
A man and an actor

I observe myself in the fourth dimension
Like pain assembling itself in a mirror
Asymmetry testing the reality of love
In a monochromatic scheme of surrounding colours
And harshness precipitating in cubes of
Contrasting colours, to comply with the 3D of reality
Blanketing worm of green
Gazing curiously
At the dark matter of order

A question arises: Which way do I unfold myself?
The mirage of line morphing into square
Only to open up as a mystical box
With lids lifting as sides, A cube of words
A puzzle's perspective becoming vocal
Unfolding into colours of meanings
And look at the audacity! They hang
Dispensed in artist's formality and order
With space accentuated like rooms, doors,
Cupboards and windows of maze of essential lines–
Reality real in the fourth dimension

Poet's statement: I have been drawn to Breton poet Guillevic's collection of poems, Euclidiennes (Euclidians) published in 1967, for a long time, and still visit these timeless nuggets to be found as fresh as ever. Like Reeta's statement, he explored the crystallized purity of various shapes and lines, albeit without any colouration, as Reeta would have it. Those poems truly took me to the fourth dimension, and the ascension of meanings, where the reality was observed with poet's place incongruous to his ambience, with time and space suspended as a poetic laboratory experiment. When I saw Reeta's painting, I was taken by the contrasting colour scheme being taken into Palav of monochromatic colour scheme telling me that the existence cannot be held in blending with the monochrome ambience or reality. To be vocal also needs a clear statement if as artists we are at all about communicating something unperceived. The joy to watch this painting rests in shapes playing games on the eyes and thus confronting us with a question about our wrong insistence on calling one form right against the other. Which way do you unfold the square surface as a lid? And thus began my quest with this poem and the experience of yet again of the fourth dimension.


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