FOCUS: Hindi-Urdu Literature

A vital sharing of their origin, creation and cultural resources binds Hindi and Urdu together. Their weave is so similar that at times there is no distinction between the two, avers Dr Sukrita Paul Kumar, presenting some of the best writings of recent times. >>>

RETROSPECT: U R Ananthamurthy

‘Influence of great writers on us could be so vast, deep and profound that we can come to terms with it only in fragments and over a period of time,’ writes Dr H S Komalesha, editing this retrospective with articles from some of the best minds. >>>

FEATURE: Performance Arts & Literature

‘Performance arts are interdisciplinary in nature, they draw from theatre, dance, visual arts, poetry etc. What is significant is its impromptu nature,’ says Prof Somdatta Mandal offering wide-ranging articles on Indian performance arts. >>>


This issue of Muse India is sponsored by Dr Rupalee Burke in memory of her father Mr P J Christian, a great lover of literature.


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‘A heady cocktail of ideological intellection’ is how U Atreya Sarma (pic) sums up R Sivasankar Sarma’s Telugu novel, ‘Grahaantaravaasi,’ translated into English. The other reviews are by Bishnupada Ray (of ‘Epitaphs’, an anthology of English poetry); Jaydeep Sarangi (of ‘White Lotus & Other Poems’ in English); Syamala Kallury (of ‘Mofussil Notebooks,’ verses in English,); and Tuhin Majumdar and Udayan Gautam (of ‘Poem Continuous,’ translated from Bangla). >>>

Read the unusual situation Sivanesan finds himself in ‘MENstruation’ by Nagore Rumi (pic). The other engaging stories in the section are by Ananya Sarkar (‘The Ragpicker’), Ardhendu Chatterjee (‘Return of the Soul’), Geetashree Chatterjee (‘Operation Dead Rat’), Murali Kamma (Café Bhutan’) and Shaurya Arya (‘Shadow of the Star’). Commenting on the various characters in the selection, Atreya Sarma says tender emotions and humaneness are not sectarian but a common denominator. >>>

The section presents works of a few seasoned poets and a few others who are new to our poetry pages, all highly gifted in weaving their poetic fantasies into delightful verses. Read the evocative poems of Anat Zecharia of Israel, Angshuman Kar (pic), Laksmisree Banerjee, Mahima Kapoor, Sudha K F, Sunil Sharma and Supratik Sen. >>>

Dec 20 - Mani Rao’s new book of poems

Dec 16 - Abhay K’s ‘The Seduction of Delhi’ delights

Dec 16 - Dileep Jhaveri’s ‘Once this mist clears’ launched

Dec 16 - Robert Bohm’s new book of poetry ‘What the Bird Tattoo Hides’

Dec 15 - Vandana Shah’s The EX-FILES released

Dec 15 - Westland releases Sharath Komarraju’s ‘The Puppeteers of Palem’

Dec 15 - Westland launches Vijay Nagaswami’s ‘To D or Not to D?’

Dec 15 - Westland brings out Chacko and Noronha’s ‘Salt of the Earth’

Chandrika Balan’s Arya & Other stories released

Nov 3 - Devdutt Patnaik’s book on Indian Goddesses


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