FOCUS - River in Indian Literature

On the banks of rivers have sprung and flourished great civilisations. While rivers have nourished mankind in many ways they have also caused great misery through their annual floods. Little wonder that river has been a great source of literary inspiration. “(It) has been seen as nourisher, destroyer, mute witness of history, a resource for the marginalized, a metaphor for the feminist and the centre of the ecocritical consciousness. It has inspired poetry, novels, films and songs, exploring themes of movement, life, loss, destruction, fulfilment and fear,” writes Amrit Sen, editor of the section that celebrates river as represented in Indian literature down the ages. >>>

FEATURE - Tibetan English Writing in India

The intellect of Tibet has always been inspired by India – earlier through teachings of great Buddhist-Sanskrit scholars and in more recent times through English education of exiled Tibetans. “Once again India (is) the mediator between us and the world of knowledge possessed in a language. So, it is fitting to examine Tibetan writing in English in India” avers Tsering Shakya, who has edited the section along with Shelly Bhoil .

The collection of writings presented here reflects the creative and intellectual communication of a growing number of contemporary Tibetan scholars and writers. >>>


This issue of Muse India is sponsored by Kirankumar Ramachandran in honour of three wonderful teachers of literature and life: (late) Guru Vishnu Bhat & Dr K Ganesh of Madras Christian College and Prof K Latha of Stella Maris, Chennai.


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Renowned intellectual and writer Dr U R Ananthamurthy (pic) passed away in August. We carry a tribute by Pratibha Umashankar. While eminent Tamil writer Lakshmi Kannan is engaged in discussion by Jaydeep Sarangi, noted writer Nandini Sahu converses with Sutapa Chaudhuri. The section also carries articles by Debadrita Chakraborty, JG Duresh, Sakoon Singh, Sejal Mahendru and Sudeshna Kar Barua. >>>

Usha Kishore (pic) reviews Sutapa Chaudhuri’s Touching Nadir. The other reviews are by Ambika Ananth (of Dilip Mohapatra’s A Pinch of Sun and Other Poems), Bhavesh Kumar (of Anand Mahanand’s Outbursts), Debashish Lahiri (of Ananya Chatterjee’s The Poet & His Valentine), Jayanthi Manoj (of Jaydeep Sarangi’s A Door Somewhere?) and Jaydeep Sarangi (of Lakshmi Kannan’s Genesis: Select Stories). >>>

We introduce five promising young writers this month, with their narrations mostly revolving around strong family ties and relationships: Anindita Deo’s ‘Manqué’; Smitha Abraham’s ‘The Secret Key’; Suneha Mehta’s ‘The Silhouette’; Tulsi Charan Bisht’s ‘Deliverance’; and Vidya Panicker’s (pic) ’Devayani’s Mother’. Enjoy the delightful tales. >>>

The section features a number of seasoned poets already familiar to Muse India readers. We also introduce a few new poets. Take the poetic flights with Bibhu Padhy, Didier Coste, Dion D’Souza, Ipsita Sarangi, Janmejay Singh, Javed Latoo, Mandakranta Sen, Mona Dash, Partha Sarathi Paul, Rajeshree Trivedi, Ruhi Jiwani and Subodh Sarkar (pic). >>>

Sep 15 - Rajashree Anand’s novel on Cyber Bullying

Sep 10 - Nida Sayed's speculative novel launched

Sep 2 - State funeral for eminent Telugu Film Director-Cartoonist Bapu

Sep 1 - Young Sonnet Mondal represents India at the Struga festival

Aug 31 - Veteran journalist Balraj Puri no more

Aug 31 - Sunil Uniyal’s translations of Ghalib’s verses released

Aug 30 - Noted Historian Bipan Chandra dies at 86

Aug 29 - India to convert Orwell’s birthplace into Museum

Aug 22 - U R Ananthamurthy passes away

Aug 18 - Salman Rushdie gets top Danish Award


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