Hemant Ritu (Pre-Winter), Issue No. 88 (Nov-Dec 2019)

FEATURE – Maithili Literature Tomorrow

Art by Tulika Swati, 08.07.19

The Feature, true to its interesting title, focuses on the rich Maithili literature not only from the medieval to the present times together with its leading lights but also from the angle of the “futuristic thought that could see the ‘Writings on the wall’, as the Editors Dr Udaya Narayana Singh ‘Nachiketa’, Dr Vivekanand Jha and Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar put it. Enjoy the edifying and fragrant posy of articles, poetry, fiction, interviews and a one-act play... making up this Feature.

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Pandit Chandranath Mishra ‘Amar’ (in pic) and Dr Ramdeo Jha are engaged in conversation with Vivekanand Jha. They share with him their lifelong travel of travails, adventure and pleasure that they came across in the course of safeguarding the cultural, ethnic, traditional and moral value, legacy and consciousness of Maithili Literature. Both the conversations are going to serve as a reference texts for the posterity of Mithila.  (Feature: Maithili Literature Tomorrow)

Some of the Maithili poems really give us an opportunity to reminisce our legendary poets like Kavivar Sitaram Jha (in pic), Baidyanath Mishra ‘Yatri’, Kashikant Mishra ‘Madhup’, and Kanchinath Jha ‘Kiran’, who are physically not available with us but continue to soak us in the glow of their spiritual presence. At the same time, the play, the poems and the short stories by living writers assure us that the future and prospect of Maithili Literature is still in safe hands. (Feature: Maithili Literature Tomorrow)

This special issue on Maithili Literature is inundated and heterodyned with creative, critical, scholarly and academic articles, among others, on Vidyapati, Acharya Surendra Jha ‘Suman’ (in pic), Kashikant Mishra ‘Madhup’ – and other aspects of Maithili Literature by versatile writers like Dr Raja Nand Jha, Dr Rajnish Mishra, Ayodhyanath Chaudhary, Kaushal Kishore and Vijay Deo Jha. (Feature: Maithili Literature Tomorrow)

Nighat Gandhi’s “Fractured Consciousness: Reading Mirat-ul- Uroos in the 21st century” is a postcolonial feminist reading of Nazir Ahmed’s novel. She critiques the hypocrisies and misogynistic attitudes of the patriarchal structure… censures the double consciousness permeating the narrative… and  emphasizes the dire need to retrieve the ‘authentic self’ portrayed as the ‘other’ in the colonial discourses.  This article deconstructs any attempt to homogenize the colonial subject – here the Muslim Woman, and reconstructs her in a globalized context using a postcolonial lens. (Literary Section)

David K Weiser in his article ‘Remembering Desikottama Alex Aronson’ gives a succinct introduction of Aronson’s profound literary sensibilities and enormous knowledge on Indian Tagorean aestheticism. Weiser encapsulates the incisive mind through anecdotes on varied subjects ranging from Jewish polemics to Western Music. (Literary Section)

Sunil Sharma’s short story ‘The Gourmand Meals and After’ depicts the stark reality of the world that one occupies and juxtaposes it with a glimpse of the unreal that may or may not exist but plays on one’s psyche to illustrate beautifully what life is after all, all about. (Fiction)

Neil Goswami’s short story ‘The Visitor’ becomes a pivotal point at which the façade that one continues to live in versus the truth one actually is, is gently but firmly removed for us to recognize the evil that stays in the shadows. (Fiction)

Alka Tyagi’s poetry emerges out of a constant awareness of an inner life which seems to be stronger and more tangible than the unfathomable external world. Love, compassion and nature are very alive in this inner life. Mostly, her poems are a dialogue with the self. (Poetry)

Syam Sudhakar’s poems resonate with strong visual images; and a rare sense of magical realism can also be identified in some of them. (Poetry)

The 10 books reviewed include… the timely A Gift of Grace: The Essence of Guru Nanak’s Spirituality (Ms Daler Aashna Deo) in the ongoing 550th birth anniversary year of the Sikh saint…, a Bengali fiction book The Parrot Green Sari by ‘Padma Shri’ Nabaneeta Dev Sen who passed away on 7 Nov 2019…, and 2 poetry and 2 fiction works, including one of Marathi short stories Of Closures and New Beginnings by Sania… (Book Reviews)

The spectrum of 10 books of  reviewed includes Adi Shankaracharya: Hinduism’s Greatest Thinker (Pavan K Varma)…, 2 books under Heritage/Culture/Art – Picturesque India: A Journey in Early Picture Postcards…, and Delhi Heritage Top 10 Baolis …, besides an autobiography, The Ungrateful Refugee (Dina Nayeri). (Book Reviews)


This Issue of Muse India is sponsored by our Patron, Satish Verma.

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